The Pennsylvania College Access Program (PA-CAP) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit statewide educational workforce development outreach program, created in June 2000, to increase the number of students attending college, business or technical schools. The program serves students and the community who:

  • Will be the first in their family to attend college,
  • Are from families of limited income, or
  • Are from areas or schools with low eligibility or college participation rates,
  • Are from secondary public, private and charter schools, or

In brief, PA-CAP guides students through:

  • Applying for admission and financial aid.
  • Obtaining financial resources for college.

PA-CAP System

PA-CAP has proven to be tremendously effective in assisting individuals obtaining a higher education. After completing the PA-CAP System, the Wilkinsburg School District in Allegheny County has a college acceptance rate of 98% who were accepted at post-secondary institutions around the country. To date PA-CAP has assisted 12,446 students.

Despite being at-risk students, more than 84% of the College Access students are retained from their freshman to sophomore years, well above the national average of 75%. College Access Program students also graduate at a rate of more than 72%, exceeding the national average of 53%.

PA-CAP can truly be the difference for thousands of students by making college a reality.